Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gone West


I had the privilege of being out West the past 2 weeks in the beautiful state of California.  The Katy Perry song "California Gurls" continually looped in my head as I pictured myself living along the coast. I mean, they're undeniable, right?

We began in San Francisco, stayed in Walnut Creek (with family), caught a Giants game (beautiful stadium!), explored the city on bicycles (rented from Mission Bicycle Company), got annoyed at traffic (of course), got lost in Chinatown, checked out Pier 39, rode to the top of Twin Peaks, and even drove to Napa - all within the first few days!

From there we traveled to Manteca where we stayed with friends who were gracious enough to let us crash there for a few days. We got to check out their church, hear about a new church plant, and even assist with questions. We ate (and drank) at a sweet brewery, got everyone to download the "Untappd" app, and checked out an Oakland A's game (nothing compared to the Giants stadium), then drove on down to Santa Cruz.  This was the best way to end our trip. Drinking coffee by the ocean and chatting with a new friend made me feel right at home. I could definitely live here. I could be a California Girl... too bad it's so freakin' expensive!

From there we took our time making our way back to the city by driving up Highway 1 along the coast.
I am a sucker for good road trips and this was by far the best one I've ever had.  We took our time and pulled off the road, checking out a plethora of sea lions and dolphins playing in the water. So cool! We found a cool lighthouse, neat picture-perfect views, and enjoyed one another's company as we drove up the coast.  I felt like I was in a movie!

Like I said, the last day was the best day. We spent an entire day (losing time going back East) traveling home just to get immersed in work and the craziness of life right away.  So worth it.

I've heard that you can tell what you really value by what you spend most of your time and money on. I'm guessing it must be evident that I live for these travel experiences! Can't wait for our next adventure.

The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore. - Psalm 121:8


  1. It was awesome to have you both out and I've gained 10lbs since installing Untappd.