Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finishing a Book = Detachment Problems

The book I recently finished (last week anyway) is Toni Morrison's "Song of Solomon" and it is one of those books which takes you captive in the strength of powerful words.  I absolutely love Toni Morrison's writing style and subject matter - African American Lit is one of my favorites.  I always go straight to that section in bookstores.

Have you ever finished a book that you were so consumed with that you don't know how to detach yourself from its storyline when it's over? 

I tend to lose myself in things I consume fairly easily (books, food, movies, etc.) and therefore I read the last page and just stared off into space.  This is actually a regular occurrence for me as I attempt to re-enter the physical world, but it always takes a moment.  This book was so consuming that the things I did the following days were always done with the thought that the characters in the book were real - that they would somehow show up and we could talk it out.

I suppose that's what makes an amazing writer. Great words choices.  Powerfully constructed sentences.  Believable characters.

I am truly inspired as I attempt to come up with storylines for my own novels.  The more I read the more I want to write.  It's an amazing concept. 
Up next on the reading circuit? Well, I finished C.S. Lewis's "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" yesterday (which wasn't quite as difficult to detach myself from the characters for some reason), so I am moving onto a new one: "Bury Me Standing" by Isabel Fonseca.  I can't wait to become a gypsy - err, I mean read about the gypsies.  But who knows?! Don't be surprised if you find me wandering the streets in full out gypsy garb.

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