Monday, August 31, 2015

Book Community - Fall 2015

It's time to start up our Radial book community again (cue cheering section)!

Because I know everyone has crazy busy schedules (work, school, kids, sports, etc.), I'll try to keep our reading minimal.  Less than a book a month, and if that's too much we'll shorten it.  Whatever works for the group of people that come!

With that in mind, the book selection will be up to the group.  I would suggest we keep it as diverse as possible to cater to everyone's preferences at least a little bit.  This means a range of cultures, time periods, and theology represented in both fiction and non-fiction writings.  I have a suggested list I typed up last year here, but please come with ideas and favorite books you would like to discuss more in a group setting.  Oftentimes I realize that through the years my views and opinions shift so it's great to come back to some familiar stories.

Since our first meeting is next week (!), let's start with a short story.  Edgar Allan Poe's "Black Cat" is available free here.  Please read & come prepared to discuss your thoughts.

A few more notes....
We will be meeting every other Wednesday night at the Barrel Room in North Canton (they serve a variety of wines, beer, and snack plates) so there's option for drink & food.  7:30pm meeting time, which gives ample time for discussion before a finish time before 9:00 for those who want to go to bed, check on the kids, or go to the Geisen group that meets on Wednesdays.  Time and place is subject to change based upon the needs of the group. All updates for the book community will be posted through this blog (the button on the right) as well as other social media outlets.
Check back soon!

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