Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Book Choices

Even though I am fairly biased in my book selections (who isn't?) for past book clubs, I wanted to allow this book community to decide their own books to read (you know, like communities do).  Even though I could read C.S. Lewis all day, others may not feel that way.  That is why I decided to put together a starting list of titles I believe would be spiritually formative.

These cover diverse authors from varying time periods and faith backgrounds.  Again, not a set list, just a starting point for those who aren't sure what to choose from (sometimes an infinite number of selections is harder than picking from a list!).  This document gives a brief description of each title as well.

What books would you like to see on this list of spiritual literature?  Comment below or email me!

Our next Book Community meets tomorrow at 8! (See Book Community tab to the right for more info).

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